ADDISP: Bin the ball mill!

Effective dispersing of pigments has always been a challenge in the coatings industry but one that has to be met and thoroughly executed in order to produce reliable, long-lasting surface coverage. To chemically disperse pigments, the attractive forces of the pigment particles have to be neutralised or even reversed so as to keep pigments inContinue reading “ADDISP: Bin the ball mill!”

The New World of Chemical Supply (and other items!)

Since March 2020 we have been faced with restrictions, lockdowns, closures and a degree of change we have not seen for a long time. In the chemical industry we have certainly not had any exemption from the upheaval and there are now some enormous challenges to be faced in the future which could derail whatContinue reading “The New World of Chemical Supply (and other items!)”

Product Bulletin.  Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobials 

Protective Technology has been the Australian distributor for Ultra-Fresh for over 20 years.   If your business produces products that require freshness protection against odour causing microbes or protection against mould and mildew – the solution could be Ultra-Fresh.    Protective Technology and Ultra-Fresh a proud partnership.