ADDISP: Bin the ball mill!

Effective dispersing of pigments has always been a challenge in the coatings industry but one that has to be met and thoroughly executed in order to produce reliable, long-lasting surface coverage.

To chemically disperse pigments, the attractive forces of the pigment particles have to be neutralised or even reversed so as to keep pigments in their finest state of suspension, allowing binders and other components to be properly aligned within the system, creating balance and maximising the performance of pigments and everything else in the mix. It has always been believed that without mechanical breakdown of pigments, the chances of the chemical dispersion being effective enough will just be impossible. Those mechanical stresses force large agglomerates apart and enable chemical dispersion to occur.

ADDAPT looked at the pigment dispersion process, with the understanding that the industry regarded the mechanical dispersion process as a dirty and cumbersome business. The clean down after a full dispersion is a lengthy and necessary requirement, in order to stop cross contamination and for ensuring maximum quality. The clean down is however also regarded as ‘down time’. It isn’t productive, despite being necessary and quite often takes much longer than the dispersing itself.

After 2 years of intense R&D and a lot of failures, in order to finally get to the end point, ADDAPT has produced and launched a new full range of dispersing agents, designed to achieve all the performance criteria of a full scale mechanical dispersion, without the need to use such equipment. The result a simpler dispersing system with far better flexibility on batch sizes and a much reduced cleaning regime, saving time and money.

The ADDISP range consists of 6 different dispersing agents and a number of combinations of these, in order to achieve excellent dispersion with organic and inorganic pigments, in solvent borne and water borne systems, usually in a resin-free process.

Details are available at—dispersing-additives.html

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