Hygienelock™ is a system installation, comprising of coatings, plastic components and unique cleaning products that together form a secure barrier against the survival of germs and bacterial growth, giving consumers the security of a healthier, cleaner environment.


Resistant floor coating

A unique, sealed floor effect, available in many colour effects, which constantly repels bacteria and fungus, thereby providing a more hygienic surface without the dirt and germ traps associated with conventional flooring systems. The ability to resist microbe attack means the look of the floor is maintained and fully sustainable effect is provided.




A removable film for many hard surfaces. The anti-microbial nature of the film prevents bugs from taking a hold on the surface and ensures cleaning is easy. The film is transparent allowing the decorative finish of the surface below to remain looking as new as the day it was created.


Plastic plumbing components

The plumbing products available through the Hygienelock program are designed to provide maximum hygiene and are further enhanced by incorporating Ultra Fresh™ performance antimicrobial into the plastic itself. Ultra-Fresh™ assists with the prevention of biofilm build-up, which can lead to slime, blockages, odours and unsightly grime build-up.


Hy-Resist glass and steel protection

A micro-level transparent film, which, not only prevents bacterial contamination but also makes finger marks and spills easy to clean. Ideal for glass and steel surfaces. Reduce time cleaning and reduce the frequency of cleaning.


Sanitary products and green-clean technology

A non-alcohol hand-disinfectant, which is kind to the hands but has the bacterial-killing power of an alcohol type. Biodegradable effective cleaning materials which ensure full ongoing cleaning efficiency to keep facilities looking and performing like new.



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