Emulsion & Dispersion Stabilisers


INUTEC®SP1 is a new, patent-protected polymeric stabiliser for aqueous emulsions and dispersions.

INUTEC®SP1 is owned by BENEO-Bio Based Chemicals (BENEO-BBC) based in Tienen, Belgium. BENEO-BBC's mission is to continuously develop new products and applications for specialty markets that require high performance.

The efficiency of INUTEC®SP1 stems from its ability to stabilise oil droplets and hydrophobic particles against coalescence and/or flocculation, through a process known as steric stabilisation.

INUTEC®SP1 is derived from Inulin. Inulin and its derivatives are successfully used as environmentally friendly and low toxicity alternatives for chemicals with poor eco-profiles.


What is Inulin?

Inulin is a storage carbohydrate found in many plants. It is found naturally in many vegetables, fruits and cereals. After starch, inulin is the most abundant, non-structural polysaccharide found in nature.

BENEO-BBC produce their Inulin from the chicory root of the Witlof (Belgian Endive) plant Cichorium Intybus: a remarkable plant, (see picture). Witlof is an environmentally sustainable resource, produced for its delightful leaves, served cold in salads or served hot as a garnish. The root of the plant (chicory) is used as a coffee substitute and of course widely for sugar production (fructose).


Properties of INUTEC®SP1:

  • Low interfacial tension, compared to so-called tensio-actives
  • Low usage levels
  • No viscosity impact
  • Electrolyte tolerant
  • Natural based and safe
  • Works effectively in conventional and nano-emulsions
  • Completely cold processable
  • Compatible with:
    - Mineral oils, waxes and wetting agents
    - Vegetable oils, waxes and foaming agents
    - Thickeners
    - Silicone oils and elastomers

INUTEC®SP1 can be used as:

  • Primary Stabiliser
  • Co Stabiliser
  • Post Additive

Perfume Fixatives

Inutec PFX can be used as a perfume fixative. Click here for more information.


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