Developed in 1955 in the laboratories of Thomson Research Associates Inc. (TRA), Ultra-Fresh was first used as an antimicrobial treatment for textiles and fabrics.

Ongoing research since 1955 resulted in the development of a wide range of antimicrobials for use in indoor, outdoor, automotive and apparel applications. Our range of Ultra-Fresh antimicrobials effectively control the following organisms:

  • Bacteria
  • Mould
  • Mildew
  • Fungi
  • Algae
  • Dust Mites

Ultra-Fresh treatments give lasting freshness and longer life to products. Wherever bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi compromise product performance, Ultra-Fresh can help. The Ultra-Fresh brand conveys a powerful message. Consumers see it as an assurance of lasting cleanliness and freshness. They envision it controlling unwelcome odours in their clothing and in their homes. Industrial users see it as an indication of longer life and lasting performance in exterior textiles, plastic and polymeric products and protective gear. Whatever your product, whatever your marketplace, Ultra-Fresh will enable you to promise increased satisfaction and better performance to all your customers.

Years of development by Thomson Research Associates Inc. (TRA) have resulted in Silpure.

Silpure is the first durable, topically applied silver antimicrobial for textiles.

Silpure uses proprietary technology to produce the ultra-fine silver particles essential to ease of application and long term protection. Application is at the finishing stage, providing protection against odour-causing bacteria to every fibre in the fabric. The excellent adhesion of the silver to the fibres means the antimicrobial performance remains strong through repeated washes. In real-life in-plant tests on 100% polyester and cotton / polyester blends protection remained high even after 50 washes.

Silpure limits the growth of bacteria and therefore reduces the perspiration odours created by bacteria. This promise of personal freshness is of great importance to sports, exercise and leisure garments.


Acrylic Polymers

Protective Technology proudly represents several acrylic polymer manufacturers in Europe. Where acrylic polymers can be used, Protective Technology offers a complete range of speciality polymers developed to offer performance and efficiency.
The range includes:

  • Defoamers; resistant to salt, acids, alkalies, ionic products, temperature, shear.
  • Sequestrants / dispersants; replacements for EDTA and specific Iron sequestering products.
  • Dye fixing agents; from the unique cationic polymer range.
  • Dyebath lubricants; polymeric high molecular weight powders for let down.
  • Print Thickeners; a variety of thickening solutions for printing and other applications.
  • Continuous dyeing assistants; anti-migration aids, levelling agents and fixing agents.
  • Finishing products; abrasion resistance, colour fastness improvers and others.


Flame retardants

Specialty ready-to-use compounds, building blocks for the production of flame retardant compounds and tailor-made flame retardant solutions are all offered by Protective Technology.

We have a comprehensive product range to offer to the textile industry including: upholstery, mattress ticking, carpet, curtains, needlefelt, nonwoven, outdoor, canvas and automotive.

These flame retardant solutions encompass both synthetic and natural fibres including polyester, cotton, polypropylene, viscose, wool and blends.

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Manufacturers purchasing Ultra-Fresh and Silpure, have the added benefit of being licenced to use the powerful Ultra-Fresh and Silpure logos. Consumers see these brands as an assurance of lasting cleanliness and freshness.


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