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Acrylic Polymers

Protective Technology proudly represents several European Acrylic Polymer manufacturers. The product range available through Protective Technology is designed to give customers versatility and performance in their own formulations. These polymers can offer considerable technical advantage to the products in which they are incorporated.

The range includes:

  • Antifoams, mineral-oil-based formulations for maximum effect.
  • Acrylic co-binder resins for tailor-made solutions.
  • Dispersants for pigment, filler and solids dispersion in aqueous formulations.
  • Flow Improvers. A range of associative thickening agents for creating desired flow characteristics in paints and other formulated coatings.
  • Thickeners. High efficiency, easy-to-use products for all requirements of thickening.
  • Wetting Agents. High wetting products for adding into formulations.

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Our specialty is long-term dry film antimicrobial performance. The Ultra-Fresh range encompassess solutions for mould, mildew, fungal and algal problems as well as providing antibacterial performance.

For hospital and healthcare surface coating applications we can offer products which will inhibit the growth of superbug organisms such as MRSA and VRE

Mould inhibition of caulks and sealants, subfloor adhesives and other adhesive products. Where exposure to moisture and humidity is likely, Ultra-Fresh can effectively protect and thereby prolong the life and integrity of these products.

If you are looking for an ingredient that will improve your product, to provide a cleaner, fresher and improved mould-free finish, ask us about Ultra-Fresh.

Ultra-Fresh can also provide specialty in-can preservation and protection. Liquid polymer systems are very susceptible to microbial spoilage. If you find that the traditional options are not successfully correcting your problem, Ultra-Fresh may be the answer you are looking for. The Ultra-Fresh range includes specialty materials which provide exceptional in-can performance where other products have failed. Ultra-Fresh offers proven solutions for products exposed to, or stored in, extreme conditions such as areas of high humidity and tropical environments.


Manufacturers purchasing Ultra-Fresh have the added benefit of being licenced to use the powerful Ultra-Fresh brand name. Consumers see
Ultra-Fresh as an assurance of lasting cleanliness and freshness.



Protective Technology is the exclusive distributor of AddApt products in Australia. AddApt produces several additives for the coatings industry, which offer benefit in product performance and are aimed at overcoming difficulties in producing coating formulations.

The following benefits can be gained from the use of AddApt products in the manufacture process...

  • Uniformity and gloss enhancement
  • Reduced chances of pin-holing and cracking
  • Controlled drying properties especially for water based systems
  • Foam and therefore pin-hole and levelling control

Although the product range is vast, AddApt produce a variety of products that fall into the following categories...

  • Antifoams
  • Wetting/Spreading agents
  • Dispersing and co-dispersing agents
  • Sealing and binding agents (for unsound surfaces)

In addition, AddApt's sister company, Xyntra, have a broad range of acrylic binders which enhance the performance of renders and concrete as well as providing solutions for coating of these substrates, in order to obtain maximum performance.



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