Detergents and Personal Care.

Protective Technology proudly represents Ionic Solutions UK , in Australia and New Zealand.

Acrylic polymers and derived chemistry;

  • Cationic polymers for hair and skin conditioners generating viscosity and hair/skin softening.
  • Dispersants for fillers and colouring in cosmetic products.
  • Rheology modifiers and thickening agents for general thickening.
  • Replacement for softeners in fabric softener formulations – softens AND thickens!
  • Sequestrants for metal control and detergent building. Economical and ecological solutions.
  • Polyquaternium 7 (from the cationic polymer capability we are able to supply this product).


Perfume fixatives

Protective Technology represents BENEO-Bio Based Chemicals
(BENEO-BBC), Belgium.

Perfume fixatives. INUTEC®PFX is highly effective for use in laundry liquid and fabric softener applications thereby extending the perfume effectiveness on clothing and textiles.

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